Car Parking Notice

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When visiting us please do not park in Subway, Nuffield or Holiday Inn car park. All other parking is free.

Do not park on double yellow lines and you must be within the lines of your parking bay.

If you have been issued with a ticket? 

If you have been issued a fine please appeal it at UKPS Ltd 

Stating that:

1. Signage location – currently screwed to fences and 2 metres high up a lamp post.

2. Signage wording – it states parking for Subway & Specsavers but there is no Specsavers currently on the site.

3. Photographs – these are taken on a mobile phone and therefore could have been altered.

Please also appeal to the Independent Appeals Service outlining the above reasons.

Finally please complain to International Parking Community at stating that UKPS Ltd are in breach of their code of conduct.

(This can be read here

If UKPS Ltd take customers* of Bermuda Adventure Soft Play or Bermuda Park Nursery to court for non payment, NB Leisure Trust will appoint a solicitor and pay the legal fees incurred in this dispute.

*Proof of purchase will be required

NB Leisure Trust Management.